Transitioning from an artisan to a business owner

Right after attending the four day business coaching workshop, cialis sale I went to the HOW design conference in Chicago and met some of the top graphic designers and printers in the business. One of these guys, buy cialis is by far the most authentic designer out there. He loves old American signage and logos and uses these as a muse for his creative work.

I was interest that even at the top of his game he was struggling with managing his time and growth. He complained about how he did not have time anymore to write back to young people starting out in graphic design and how he still felt that he was doing everything.

He was also realizing how the business realities were driving him away from creative work to operational crap. He said that he was making more from selling stationery in his brand than he made designing identities, plus printing more of the same items was a lot less work than managing clients who wanted new logos.

He was really having a come to jesus moment about his business.

This reminded me of a great book I read which covered the journey of an artisan to business owner and their struggles. This book is called, “The e-myth revisted”.  I am going to send him this book because it covers exactly what he’s going through and can really help him figure our how he wants to grow and manage growth. I learnt so much from that book I hope he can too.

Here is a summary of this book.


Business owners in India and issues in scaling these businesses

I attended a business coaching workshop with my father and two employees from my father’s company last weekend. This 4 day workshop had about 40 attendees. All business owners or higher level employees in small and medium enterprises.

I was surprised how little all the business owners knew about their business. I guess that is why they were there. No one had answers to the following questions:

  1. How big is your market?
  2. What is your market share?
  3. What is your growth strategy and implementation plan?
  4. What should be in your sales kit
  5. For manufacturers, view what is your process flow
  6. How do you measure quality

Of course, diagnosis my father and I did not have any answers either.

But it was definitely surprising to see how clueless most business owners there were about their business. These were no small business either. The smallest business owner’s revenue was 2 crores or USD $320, sildenafil 000. The largest business owners were at 500crores or $80Million employees hundreds of people. All of us were having difficulty in scaling our business because we lacked processes and clear lines of responsibilities in our company.

Even though I have an MBA from IIM Lucknow, I felt that I learned more about operations in this 4 day courses than I did in my 3 year part time MBA. I also felt that I learnt more about sales and leadership here than I did in my class.

I now hope that I can work with my father and his leadership team to transform our business in the next 6 months.